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Getting back into the work groove can be a little challenging no matter how long your break, remember you have your little one to work into the equation now! Never fear, the team at Mums@Work have had first hand experience and perfected the juggling act of balancing career with family (well almost!).

Along with our mummy blogger Helen Farmer, stylist blogger Kim Crowley, career and life coach Zeta Yarwood (amongst others) we aim to give you as many resources as possible to prepare you to return to the workplace feeling super organised and confident aka Supermum!

Mums@Work #FeaturedCompany | Stu Williamson

  Posted: 13th Apr 2017

Stu Williamson is a leading Dubai photography studio specialising in family, business, concept and celebrity shoots – and we will all certainly know them for the school shoots.  Not only do we think their work is fab, we love the fact they employ lots of mums! We caught up with them to get their take on the value of having mums in their team.

What do you see as the value in part-time or flexible working? Women of today are fiercely independent compared to my Mums generation...

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