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Getting back into the work groove can be a little challenging no matter how long your break, remember you have your little one to work into the equation now! Never fear, the team at Mums@Work have had first hand experience and perfected the juggling act of balancing career with family (well almost!).

The Juggle Struggle: How to Manage Multiple Priorities at Work | Wendy Anderson

  Posted: 15th May 2018

Wearing too many hats at work can leave you feeling like there’s too much on your plate. It’s that sinking feeling you get when you try to accomplish tasks according to importance, but feel like everything’s a priority. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, here are tips to get a handle on your responsibilities.

Ask Your Boss The first thing to do is answer this question: Is everything really important? Even if everything seems to be of equally priority, you still...

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