How Upskilling Can Open Doors To Better Professional Opportunities

20th Sep 2018

The summer is over and everyone is back in work mode. Many have had a moment to reflect and for some a career change or move forward might be imminent. Whether it is enhancing your current capabilities, exploring a new area of expertise or taking the leap of faith and embarking on a new career, upskilling plays a vital role in giving your career momentum. Whilst we pick up a wealth of on the job experience, in order to achieve career goals, it is imperative to be proactive, and actively pursue new skills, information and qualifications.  

More often than not, people tend to rest on their laurels. It is not realistic to assume that the training you received years ago will stand you in good stead as the world around you evolves. To keep your competitiveness and edge in an increasingly dynamic environment, you need to constantly upskill and self-develop to stay ahead and make progress in your career.  

Part of this evolution is keeping up with the latest technology being used in your workplace, enhancing your soft skills or adding a qualification that opens up a new area within your organization perhaps. You can start by staying up to date on the latest news and innovations in your sector, reading blogs and journals, and taking advantage of the wealth of information now available online.

For those who are encouraged by their employers to attend trainings, take advantage of this generosity and sign up. For the remainder of us, do not wait for their approval, but rather take your luck in your own hands by signing up for upskilling courses yourself.

Another huge bonus -no pun intended- to adding new skills to resume, is the bargaining power it provides you with, especially when it's time for a salary review. When negotiating -be it for an increase in salary or even when vying for a new role- your increased value is certain to stand you in good stead. If it is the latter, your focused approach to growing within the company will no doubt impress your boss, because it shows that you are not just investing in yourself but in the growth of the organization. An upskill can take you to the next level in your career. Even if the raise is not given, you will certainly be first in line for a promotion with the obvious edge you have got over the competition.

Finally, upskilling gives you options. It opens doors to endless possibilities and allows for a much easier transition if you are looking to change careers. Frankly, today, if you are looking for a change in the workplace, you have to invest in some form of self development and skills, which are beyond what is expected. By doing so, you are ensuring that you have the confidence and firm foundation for success.


Article written by Phillip Tachas , Co-founder and CEO of skilldeer, foEntrepreneur Middle East

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