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Getting back into the work groove can be a little challenging no matter how long your break, remember you have your little one to work into the equation now! Never fear, the team at Mums@Work have had first hand experience and perfected the juggling act of balancing career with family (well almost!).

Steer Clear of Your Comfort Zone | Shereen Hoban

  Posted: 6th Jan 2019

Today I’d like to talk about breaking out of your comfort zone. Why?  Comfort zones hold us back, restrict our potential and deny us freedom. Here’s how to feel at ease way outside of it! 

Your comfort zone is the lifestyle and behaviours which feel most normal to you. It is built out of habit and psychologically speaking, is a risk negating technique designed to keep you from harm. The problem is, most of the time our comfort zone becomes controlling, rather than...

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