The decision to return to work as a mum

15th Jun 2016

Have you asked yourself as mum, when is the right time to return to work? Read a blog by Sadie Jarvis from Mums@Work about her experience from motherhood to mother in the workplace.

Year 1 as a mum: Busy, busy, busy! 24 hours a day, running a home and dealing with teething… Aaargh!

Year 2 as mum: Getting slightly easier… dealing with walking, chatting and socialising.

Year 3 as a mum: Started nursery…actually quite bored now….get me back to work….but please allow me to still recognise my position as a mum (and therein lies the most major issue regarding going back to work).

Now, I have worked my whole life; I had a weekend job in a supermarket whilst at school, and I worked throughout attending University… and I began full time work after university. I’ve have always worked, it is how I have been raised. So, to take 3 years off was a huge deal and, to be honest, I was really ready for it, I was pregnant and tired!

I wanted to be a mum and give my full focus to my child, and I was privileged enough to be able to make that choice. However, it changed me. I didn’t realise it until I returned to work recently, but I HAD lost my confidence (a bit!) in the grown-up world. I worried about how I was going to cope with daily life if I went back to work. I didn’t want my child to feel abandoned as she has been lucky enough to have a parent present (rather than a help or a babysitter) her whole life.

The key for me was being offered a role where the hours suited my family life. I work whilst my daughter attends nursery. I am lucky enough to have found a fantastic job, doing what I love, within walking distance from nursery, so I can pick her up after work. I get the best of both worlds…I get to make (very rushed and usually very random) packed lunches every morning, walk her to nursery, kiss her cheek and wave goodbye,  walk to the office, earn some cash, and then pick her up again! Yes it’s rushed, but my time management is pretty on-point these days! My husband actually says that when I started work again that, and I quote, “I got my wife back”.

In order for a mum to return to work successfully you need to take into account 4 factors:

  1. Is it the right time to return to the workplace?
  2. Is the job role right for me?
  3. Do the hours work for me and my family?
  4. Is the remuneration worth the upheaval to my family?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to all 4 questions, my suggestion is DO IT! You and your family will all benefit in the end.

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