Going straight back to work after having a baby

15th Jun 2016

Have you decided you will return straight back to work after having a baby? Rachel Pask from Mums@Work talks about her experience

"Throughout my entire pregnancy I would tell everyone that as soon as my son was born I would be going straight back to work and I did. 

I was very fortunate in that I had amazing help at home from a wonderful nanny and the opportunity to return back to a previous employer on a part-time basis. 

At the time my son was so small that he slept most of the hours that I was in the office and I would be home as he was waking up, knowing where he was and that he was in safe hands all day really helped.

I then took some time out when he turned 3 to settle him into a nursery, he was experiencing some separation anxiety and it became harder and harder to leave him. 

Once I had settled him into school and the separation anxiety had subsided I found myself with not a lot to do during his school hours and began to crave adult interaction and to a degree financial independence so I decided it might be time for me to return back to the office. 

I am once again very fortunate to have found a job that fits around my sons’ school hours so I can drop him at school, drive to work, earn some money then collect him and spend the afternoons together with no impact on either of our time together.

My son is also quite excited by the prospect of me working again, the first thing he asked me was "can we buy a red racing Ferrari now Mummy?" Maybe not straight away...

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