We all know finding great talent is hard and a never ending task… but it no longer needs to be. Mums@Work is dedicated to bringing super talented and experienced mums back into the workplace after they have taken a break from their careers to have a family.

We are working with many forward thinking companies to create flexible working as a norm in the region – whilst also creating the perfect opportunity for companies to deliver on diversity and gender equality.

We know that hiring women back into the work place is smart business, here’s why:



They bring unique and valuable skills and perspective


They are focused, loyal and efficient about their careers


Showcase your support for gender diversity and support of family life


Build a diverse team, improve retention through female mentors and role models

Mums@Work is a very important initiative that positively impacts business, employees and the community at large. I applaud Mums@Work for it’s dedication to encouraging mum’s to recognise the skills and expertise they offer and can’t wait to welcome these highly motivated women into the DMCC community. I encourage every DMCC company to register with Mums@Work.

Director, DMCC Freezone

We are keen to support such an important population of our staff to ensure that they can consistently manage a professional life alongside personal responsibilities. Companies’ need to provide flexible options for their female employees and we are happy to support an organization such as Mums@Work who recognize the same.

HR Director, Estée Lauder Middle East

Maserati has a long history of endorsing women’s initiatives, having been the first brand to hire a female driver in Formula One back in the 1950’s. Hence we are glad today to support  Mums@Work, an innovative talent sourcing platform offering a wide range of expertise and much flexibility, which is needed in the current business environment. 

Marketing Director, Maserati Middle East, India and Africa

We have an extensive network of mums who are ready to return to work on a flexible basis; be it part time, full time or contract. Our candidates hold experience across all sectors and career levels - this combined with our team’s years of recruitment experience ensure we deliver the perfect match between candidates and clients. If you are interested in posting a job please leave us your details to get your listing in front of our ever growing community.

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