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Get Unstuck Workshop - Do you want a change in your career?

We have teamed up with Dina Bsharat, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Systemic Team Coach to bring you a taster workshop to help you get focused, set goals, and create action steps that bring results. Dina knows through her coaching and personal experiences, that when we are living in line with our values and moving towards our goals, we are the opposite of stuck, we are free to create the life we truly want. We are unstuck!!

This workshop is a slimmed down version of the full workshop where participants still walk away with a physical representation of their Action Plan - just a shorter version of it. The goal of the session is to get people to notice what is important to them, what has been holding them back and give them a glimpse of what is possible when it all comes together.

In the 2 hours, she will help you explore what your objectives are, dive into some of the values that are important to you, but perhaps have been forgotten, and use the power of a group setting to develop a short action plan for each individual. This is an interactive session where participants are encouraged to actively participate in each exercise, to bring their whole selves.

About the session

• Define values that are important to you
• Develop the ability to consider different opportunities
• Goal setting based on your values
• Identify specific actions to accomplish goals
• Setup accountability partnership to keep you on track

About Dina Bsharat

Dina worked in the ad agency world for almost a decade, then discovered that her clients were always their most satisfied when they were lead to answers rather than given advice. That, and a healthy dose of honesty proved a winning combination time and again. This insight leads her to explore the world of coaching, which awakened a new passion and inspired a fresh direction in her professional career. Now, almost 10 years later, she is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Systemic Team Coach.

Dina's proudest experiences are her clients’ proudest experiences. She loves leading clients toward their “ah-ha!” moment where a sudden realisation provides them with powerful insight and a new path towards success. The realisation that she could potentially help people live a more fulfilled life, that’s when she knew she wanted to be a coach.


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It will be Ramadan, so NO food and beverages will be allowed at the event to respect our mums who will be fasting. Thank you

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Dates 20 May 2019
Times 9:30 am - 11:30am
Category Mums@Work Career
Tags Career
Venue Zabeel Ladies Club, 20 St, Dubai
Free This event has free admission
Get Unstuck Workshop - Do you want a change in your career?

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