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Professional Business Dining and Networking Etiquette

Do you know the difference between Continental and American styles of dining?
When to begin eating when you are the guest of honour?
When to begin the business part of the meal?
What to do with your silverware when you are finished dining?
If you can drink when someone has made a toast to you?
Where do you seat the guest of honour if you are the host?
How to dine continental with international guests and why would you do so?
What to pass if someone has asked you to pass the salt...and how does this relate to your ethics?
How to use a finger bowl when it is served with a spoon and fork on the plate with it?

In today's society, with all the hectic schedules, eating together as a family is often not possible. This causes a problem, as many have not learned the social graces of dining or how to conduct business over a meal.
Not knowing what to do with your napkin, or understanding which fork to use, or even how to properly handle the fork, can make us feel self-conscious in certain situations.
Today a large amount of business is conducted out of the office and meetings are often held while dining. Are you and your company losing business because of less than polished behaviour? The answer could be yes, and you may not realise it. As the saying goes, you don't know, what you don't know.
Business Meal Deals happens every day!!!

The business meals are not about the value of the food, but about the value of the business that is won or lost over a meal. Even in today's relaxed corporate environment, poor etiquette is never looked upon favourably. People do notice and speak loudly about it!
How we demonstrate ourselves to others matters very much for our professionalism.....or lack of it.


This course will enable you to be more confident, so whether dining with a friend, colleague, and client or at one of the palaces in UAE, you will handle yourself with confidence, style and in a world-class manner. It will also help you to assist your guests to feel more comfortable and encourage business to be conducted in a more successful manner in any dining situation.
The business dining table is the single most important place your savvy is displayed.


Prime Institute is a training platform for personal and professional skills development, collaborations and networking. They design and deliver comprehensive and inspiring programmers focused on skills that are not taught at schools but are a necessity of everyday life interactions.
Prime Institute serves individuals and businesses with a mission to inspire, empower and elevate them to master social intelligence, social adaptability and aptitude to communicate effectively and fearlessly in pursuit of excellence in everything they do and to maximize their full potential.
With one goal in mind; "Building Bridges Across People and Cultures".


Ms Sepideh Moussavi is a passionate solopreneur and the founder of the Prime Institute.
She is CIPD qualified in People Development and Training, a certified Etiquette, Communication and Cross-cultural Consultant from the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London and a TEFL qualified from the United Kingdom. Her integrated western and middle-eastern cultures and nearly two decades of experience working in field of learning and development and as an Interpreter with governments, civil society organisations, and multi-national companies, led her to plant the seed of Prime Institute with one goal in mind; to inspire individuals and businesses in maximising their full potential by expanding their intelligence.

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Dates 9 June 2019
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Professional Business Dining and Networking Etiquette

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