5 ways to hack quality family time

6th Mar 2019

Creating quality time together is the first step to reclaiming your wellness from your work life, and our greatest happiness comes from spending time with the people we love.

With work in the UAE creating an indoor lifestyle that often translates into increased screen time and decreased face-time, it is easy to become a little automatic about family life and forget what it’s like to actively engage with your partner or children.

For those with families, it can be daunting to schedule activities and plan weekends, and with many places charging a premium for leisure, a day out can end up becoming rather pricey.

Acknowledging how overwhelming it can be to create a quality lifestyle for our families is one step towards making things happen...

Joining Privilee is another.

1 - Remember why you moved here

When we decided to move to the UAE, we were looking to escape gloomy hour-long commutes in the rain, and city centres that close at six in the evening. We wanted sunshine and beaches and quality of life that we simply couldn’t afford back home.

Living in the UAE has given us all of those things, but a year into our new life abroad, it felt like we’d been so busy working that we’d forgotten that we live in one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world! We live a short drive from the Palm, and up until we discovered Privilee, we’d never even been there.

2 - Freedom of choice

What’s Privilee? A lifestyle membership for everyone. Providing members with access to 40 of the best beach clubs and hotel resorts all-year-long, Privilee is our one-stop-shop for entertainment. I get unlimited free access to privates beaches and luxurious pools and discounts at top spas, my husband uses his membership to access fully-equipped gyms, my friends and I use their food and beverage discounts at hundreds of restaurants and bars, and our little ones get access to some of the best kids’ clubs in the UAE.   

3 - Find value beyond measure

Did you know that the average expat household spend is AED 202,924 annually? We didn’t! Learning to live a lean lifestyle in the UAE is not something that comes easy, but funnelling our leisure time into a membership that works with what we already love doing meant that in the first six months of joining, we unintentionally saved just under 12,000 AED on our weekend spend.

Finding a solution that brings joy to every single member of our family was the deciding factor when my husband and I signed up for our Privilee memberships; saving money is a bonus!

4 - Quality time

Being so busy with our careers meant that my husband and I went through a period where, if I’m honest, I felt like we completely disconnected from each other and were totally consumed by the rat race. When we discovered Privilee, it gave us an excuse to explore again, and time alone that we might not have had if it hadn’t been for the kids’ clubs at the hotel resorts and beach clubs we visited. After dropping off the kids, we’d set ourselves mini-challenges, learning how to paddleboard together on the Palm and even joining the Privilee tennis tournament!

Making new friends has been part of the joy of our Privilee journey, and I haven't had to use my five-year-old son’s recommended ‘do you want to be friends?’ Chat-up-line for ages. 'Do you Privilee?' sounds much more grown up and gets us a great response rate at the pool bar!

5 - Take it easy. Take time off. Take time out.

I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to make time for self-care. Put yourself at the top of your to-do list, and you won’t believe how easy the other areas of your life become. I used to spend the weekends frantically Googling activities for the kids or places to go for a nice drink. Addressing the stress of decision-making was essential for me, and that’s why Privilee has worked for our family too.

Nowadays, I open the Privilee app and immediately I’ve got five places within 15 minutes of our home that we can head for the day; leaving more time for me to get on with the important things, like catching up with my book on a sun lounger or getting a Balinese massage at a spa...


Article written by Privilee, an exclusive lifestyle membership club in the UAE.

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