Ring in the new year with academic resolutions

9th Jan 2019

Dazzling fireworks displays, reflections of the past year, and celebrating the promise of new beginnings is what most Dubai residents associate with New Year’s.   However, for students across Dubai, new year marks the beginning of a new term.  For students who performed well in term one, the new year may be filled with excitement.  For students who struggled, the new year may be looked upon with dread and even a little depression. 

Whether your child struggled to keep up or performed on or above grade level, it is important to help your child start the new year off on the right foot.

MetaMindz Learning, the UAE’s most trusted name in tutoring and academic support recommends the following resolutions to help parents and students enjoy a successful 2nd half of the school year:

Don’t sweep potential problems under the rug.  Complaining about homework, poor test scores despite studying, irritability when it comes to school work can all be signs of problems such as underlying skill gaps.  Skill gaps are the number one cause of student under performance in school.  If you suspect that your child may have missed skills in reading or math from previous years, contact a licensed professional to get your child evaluated.  MetaMindz offers assessments free of charge to Mums@Work families.

Keep A Schedule.

Consistency in routines and daily expectations can make for greater efficiency and academic success.  A good schedule goes beyond bedtime and wake up time.  Your schedule may also include tablet/phone times, homework study times, and meal times.  Structure leads to better planning.  Buy a large calendar and have your kids map out their days.  Celebrate sticking to your weekly routine with a trip to the movies or other fun activity on the weekends. 

Set Goals and Celebrate Often.  

No matter how big or small, achieving goals lets the child know they are on the right path.  Some goals may be:

No missed homework assignments.

Perfect attendance for next term.

Improve grades in classes that weren’t as good as expected.

Recognising student achievement should not only occur at report card time. 

Completing classroom assignments and getting good grades on quizzes can lay the foundation for a great report card.  Most schools have a portal or an app so that parents can keep track of student progress every step of the way.  Celebrate small achievements with everything from verbal praise, small gifts, or a night out at the movies.     

Don’t hesitate to seek help.

If your child’s NWEA MAP or CAT-4 scores indicate that your child is below level, don’t hesitate to seek help outside of school.  A structured and prescriptive program such as MetaMindz Learning can identify your child’s weak skills and help develop a solid foundation, setting up academic success for years to come!

We wish all Mums@Work families, a Happy New Year!


Article written by Jeffrey Smith, CEO of MetaMindz Learning.  Based in Jumeriah Lake Towers, MetaMindz is recognised as the UAE’s most trusted and successful name in learning support and tutoring.

Established in 2017, MetaMindz uses highly advanced, adaptive technology to pinpoint student strengths and weaknesses and assign individual learning paths to ensure students are performing on or above grade level.   English programs are taught exclusively by American and British highly qualified teachers. MetaMindz offers instruction in the following areas: reading, math, writing, IGCSE/GCSE science and maths, SAT Exam Preparation, IELTS Exam Preparation.

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