Five tips to achieve the perfect blow dry

25th Jun 2019

Few things can boost a woman's confidence like professional blow dry. But what if you simply can’t make it to the salon on time? While it may seem like an easy task: just grab your regular hair dryer and blast with heat and some extra hair spray, there is a mastery behind it.

Follow these professional tips from The Cure Beauty Spa hairdressers to achieve the perfect blow dry.

First things first, start with the right hair dryer.

Look for at least 1800 watts with multiple heat and air settings. Medium heat is best for drying wet hair. High heat manipulates your hair’s shape, and cool air sets a final style. Choose wide round brush to straighten your hair or to create soft waves. And get a few hair clips to keep layers separate and to avoid overheating the same locks.

Get the right products.

Styling products can help you tackle certain hair problems like frizz or lack of volume. Ask your hairdresser for recommendation based on your hair type. Remember there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all, so choose the product that works for you. Don’t forget to use the heat protection to keep your hair sealed and less susceptible to heat from styling tools.

After toweling off wet hair, set your dryer on medium heat and high air speed. Blow hair downwards until it’s 70-80 percent dry. Avoid brushing your hair while its wet, as it is weaker, fragile and more susceptible to breakage.

Next step is to gather the hair on top and secure it with a clip.

Begin drying the lower layers first, with a brush, using more heat as you add shape to your curls. To add volume and achieve that big, bouncy blow-dry, keep the brush as close to the roots as possible and pull the hair upwards with the hairdryer. Make sure you use small sections and thoroughly dry every section from the roots to the ends. Keep the dryer’s nozzle downward following the hair growth to help smooth hair and add a boost of shine.

How to curl the ends

Roll them under with a round brush, blast with heat, and finish with cold air. For a straight finish, pull the brush through while drying ends with warm air; set with cold air. Apply styling cream to remove flyaways, or mist with hair spray.


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