Peace of mind with Health at Hand

9th Sep 2018

Going back to work can be as intimidating as the day you decided to become a mum and take a break from your career. On one hand you can’t wait to start working again. On the other, the thought of leaving your children with the new nanny or nursery or school is daunting.

For every working mum, the fact you are no longer spending every waking minute with your children can make your working life a lot tougher than it was before you had kids. With their routines firmly etched into your core, you find yourself constantly wondering whether they slept for long enough (or too long!), drank their bottle, ate their snack, snatched a toy, managed to get changed for swimming, did OK in their spelling test, finished their homework, did their piano practice... The non-stop feverish daily mental alerts never stop, even if you are on the 32nd floor of an office tower on the other side of town.

The beginning of the school year is full of excitement, but let’s face it, it’s also full of germs and hundreds of children in close contact means hundreds of germs get passed around. When a child is unwell, it makes this compromise even harder. And no matter how understanding your boss is, the expectation that we can be in two places at the same time can be hard to overcome. Getting an appointment with a doctor’s clinic, battling the traffic and parking, sitting in a waiting room and eventually seeing the doctor whilst juggling your work is time-consuming, stressful and hugely disruptive.

We’ve been there, we feel your frustration, and we’ve got the solution!

Licenced by the DHA, Health at Hand is an app that connects you with a highly qualified doctor via video consultation within 2 minutes, from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. Cost effective and fast, it removes doubts, worries and all those stresses commonly experienced with visiting the doctor.

Though new in Dubai, video consultation with doctors is now common in the UK and US. If you are unsure when to use it, think of it as no different to a normal clinic visit: the doctor will use the age-old skills of looking and listening to make an assessment and give you a full treatment plan. Most commonly used for upper respiratory infections, stomach upsets, flus, rashes, their doctors answer questions about a huge range of common complaints.

Save your sanity and your time, so you can focus on what truly matters.

We were definitely surprised at how affordable it is, and if you download the app today from the app store, you can use promocode MUMSAW2018 for a further 50% discount off an annual subscription which will cover you and your family for unlimited consultations. Handy, right?

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