Common questions midwives get asked by mums

11th Dec 2018

At Mums@Work, we get asked about all the stages of pregnancy, the healing after childbirth and bringing your baby home.  So, we talked to Malin Ghavami, who has a unique role in Dubai as a Swedish nurse and midwife, about common questions she is asked;

•    Why is labour painful (believe it or not, this is one of the most common questions she gets asked, also one of the hardest)

•    What kind of restrictions do I have to follow during a pregnancy? What is forbidden and what is not?

•    Best advice on morning sickness?

•    When shall I contact or go to the hospital in time for labour?

•    What will happen once admitted into the hospital? Will I be given any choices?

•    The most effective non-medical pain relief?

•    Most beneficial labour pushing positions?

•    What does fully dilated/ fully rotated means?

•    Why is skin to skin so important?

•    What is colostrum?

•    What is meconium?

•    What care is available in Dubai?

Have you asked yourself any of these questions?   If yes, then Malin is the perfect person to help you find the answers.  She has years of experience and knowledge to help guide and give advice on areas you may be struggling with.  

In 2011 Malin completed her Bachelor of Science in nursing, then worked for a few years as a nurse in the private sector, before deciding to move on and do a Master Degree in midwifery and reproductive health.  Her passion has always been babies and newborns, so for her, the choice was easy to work as a midwife with Nightingale Health Services.  She has given birth to 2 children in Dubai and found that after having a baby, especially as an expat, she felt very lonely.  She was struggling to find support, help and sometimes just needed some company after having her babies. This led to her helping and offering support to families during their pregnancy journey and initially with their newborns, to make sure that they had the best possible start together.

What we love about Malin is the compassion and understanding she shows towards the mum’s feelings.  Over the years she has gained lots of experience working as a community midwife with home care, providing pre and postnatal home visits for pregnant women and postnatal mothers and their babies.  Nightingale Health Services have given her a great opportunity to be able to grow and create a role as a midwife to a higher and more complex level.  Also, Malin is a certified personal trainer and has a passion for fitness and health-related to pre and postnatal period.

So, don’t struggle in silence and know that there are qualified people in Dubai available to help.   You can contact Malin at Nightingale Health Services

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