Sick of being prescribed unnecessary medication in the UAE?

24th Sep 2018

Mums@Work partnered with Health at Hand to talk to a group of ladies, mums and non-mums alike, about how we currently access healthcare. Sounds a bit dry and miss-able? Not at all, unsurprisingly we all have our strong opinions when to comes to choosing a doctor, when to go to a doctor and how to tell if a doctor is good or not. The fact is, healthcare is a very personal and therefore emotive topic, making for a lively and interesting debate.

Perhaps the key learning is that we as patients are sick (no pun intended) of what some described as the over-commercialisation of the healthcare system, where it feels like various different parties are trying to drive more revenue out of us. When it comes down to it, all we are looking for is well-informed, trustworthy medical advice. We hate being prescribed tests and branded medications we don’t need.

As patients, regardless of our cultural background, we are looking for reassurance around the experience of our doctors. Finding a trustworthy doctor who listens carefully and puts the patient first, giving sensible, measured advice is what we all want. The nature of our life in the UAE means we find ourselves doubling-checking, getting second opinions from other doctors, from friends and of course from the internet.

And no surprise, we hate hauling the family into a hot car, driving through traffic, finding parking and then waiting sometimes for as much as 50 minutes just for a walk-in appointment. Because we would rather avoid the hassle involved in getting to a clinic, we often find ourselves googling a problem or asking the pharmacists rather than consulting a real doctor. Plus, we have no idea what to do if we have a problem out of hours and most of us find ourselves in ER for minor conditions.

Health at Hand is a video consultation app that offers a real alternative. We are an independent healthcare provider and have no vested interest in over-prescribing or over-testing. We receive no commissions for referrals. We provide a convenient on-demand solution, meaning you can get high quality healthcare advice from wherever you are. We have your interests at heart.


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