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2018 Digital Marketing Masterclass

You would need to be currently running a business or plan to do take this course. What the course will cover:   

  1. How to effectively map out, plan + execute your marketing 
  2. Provide a system – tying in of all marketing efforts for GREATER IMPACT 
  3. Integration - newsletters, blog posts, website updates, collaboration potential, competitions
  4. Comms (communication) template – build out further including adding tabs
  5. Marketing tips + hacks (6) Getting past content/marketing/mindset blocks
  6. How to work on a quarterly campaign basis
  7. A strong plan as basis for social media posts
  8. A tool that gives you web links, landing page links, hashtags on one document (saving time!)
  9. Intro to Google docs
  10. What’s working in 2018

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