Zeta Yarwood, Career Coach and NLP Life Coach


Zeta Yarwood is the Middle East’s leading Career Coach and NLP Life Coach. Regularly interviewed and featured in over 20 publications worldwide, she is recognised as a thought leader in her field. With over 10 years’ experience in coaching, management and recruitment – in multinational companies and award-winning recruitment firms – Zeta knows the secrets of career success and job satisfaction. Coupled with her degree in Psychology and NLP qualification, she is also an expert in unlocking human potential. Passionate about helping people discover their strengths, talents and motivations, Zeta now lives to inspire others to dream big and create the life and career they really want. Zeta’s philosophy is simple: we only get one chance at life. We have to make it count. With this belief, Zeta is driven by one thing: helping you to experience success and happiness in everything you do. So when you get to 90 years old, you can look back and say, “I lived an awesome life.” Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming as the foundation to her coaching, Zeta will show you the link between your mind and your success. She will teach you why you think and behave the way you do and how your thinking impacts the results in your life. You will become more self-aware, developing higher levels of emotional intelligence and enhanced communication skills. She will help you identify and let go of any habits, fears and limiting beliefs standing between you and your goals. So you can be free to be who you want to be. Achieve what you want to achieve. Live how you want to live. To have a career that you love. Zeta truly believes everyone has a right to be successful and fulfilled. And it’s her mission to show you how. You can connect with Zeta on LinkedIn, www.linkedin.com/in/zetayarwoodlifecoaching/

Omaira Farooq AL Olama, Managing Director for ALF Administration


Omaira Farooq AL Olama is the Managing Director for ALF Administration. Omaira originally studied in San Francisco and did her Bachelors in International Politics and minor in Psychology. She went on to do her Master in Criminology as well as Project Management. She has over 10 years experience working as a Senior Office Services Executive at the Human Rights Commission in San Francisco Ca. and as head of Marketing & Events Mangement (Techno Park) Nackheel Dubai. She then joined National Bank of Dubai as an Officer in Priority Banking and worked for a short while at NBD London. Her last job was as a Psychoanalyst at Rashid Hospital. She is currently actively involved in training and development, from planning to implementation and execution of such trainings. Also delivers various development programs (mostly for) UAE Nationals at Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic Bank, United Arab Bank and National Bank of Fujairah. You can connect with Omaira on LinkedIn, www.linkedin.com/in/omaira-farooq-al-olama-a93222115/

Su Bridgman , BA Hon, LLB, is a Canadian trained lawyer with a background in Psychology


Su Bridgman BA Hon, LLB, is a Canadian trained lawyer with a background in Psychology. Since founding SpeakFluence Global in 2012, she has passionately inspired women leaders to maximize their future potential and SpeakFluence – to Speak with Influence and lead with impact. As a specialist who empowers clients to develop Communication GritTM and confidence, she guides individuals to find their voice, overcome presentation/communication anxiety and persuasively share the brilliance of their ideas with impact. Su is the principal for establishing a reputed presence as a global leader in the delivery of 21st century success skills and science based Communication GritTM programs integrating positive psychology principles, methodology and practice. She partners with international clients in medical, education and financial industries to deliver bespoke corporate Communication GritTM programs to senior management and regional teams. As the MENA regional the Education Division of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), SpeakFluence is committed to the development of character strengths, Communication Grit TM and resilience through a curriculum that uses proven interventions and strategies of positive psychology, positive education and advocacy. For over 20 years, Su has been a strong community advocate and mentor. She is also on the Board of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) as the Family Officer (2017-2018) and Spouse Officer (2018-2019). As the Founder and Chair of Hope 2000 Mentorship Association and a volunteer for numerous North American mentorship organizations, she has empowered young professionals to achieve their full potential and mindfully maximize their professional success. Su is the Director of Educational Outreach of Educate Girls Globally (San Francisco) assisting to help underprivileged young girls to find their voice, obtain access to education, and become our leaders of tomorrow through the development of girls’ parliaments. You can connect with Su on LinkedIn, www.linkedin.com/in/su-bridgman-43290957/

Sarah Christensen, CEO and founder of Christensen Consultancy


Sarah Christensen, CEO and founder of Christensen Consultancy, a company dedicated to supporting women maximise their potential in whatever they do. As a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and talent management expert, Sarah works closely with her clients to delve deeper into their values systems to identify their strengths, enhance self-awareness and increase understanding as to what drives behaviour in order to align personal, career and organisational goals moving forward. At Christensen Consultancy, they are passionate about diversity and gender equality as they know it is the key to creating a successful and sustainable future. Gender diversity is more than just gender parity in the workplace, it is about creating a culture where gender differences are understood and the unique strengths and contributions of both are truly valued. You can connect with Sarah on LinkedIn, www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-christensen-22859346/


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