There is probably only one thing tougher than running your own business, and that is being a full-time parent – especially in those early years. But how about combining the two? While it may seem impossible, it is far from it. Indeed, there are a growing number of women here in the UAE and around the world who are able to successfully run their small business while being completely committed to their number one priority of being a mother. That is why we have partnered with Virtuzone to support women especially mums who want to be their own boss. 

4 basic steps to UAE company setup.

While the technical and administrative aspects of setting up a business in the UAE may seem complex,
it's in fact all very easy with Virtuzone.


Register with Virtuzone - Prepare your documents


Business License - Receive license notification


Bank Account - Open corporate bank account


Visa - Complete visa process

VZ UAE Business Setup Guidelines

The Virtuzone UAE Business Setup Guides are intended to present concise overviews around some of the main questions that many looking to set up a company in the UAE have asked us over the years. Learn more...

Advice and tips...

New Year's resolution? Five steps to setting up in the UAE free zones

Whether you’ve turned it over in your mind for a while, or it’s the first time the thought has occurred, starting your own business can bring a wealth of benefits. The UAE’s free zones have always offered glittering attractions. Here’s what you’ll need to think about.

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It' shortcut to success? Six useful tools to take the stress out of your startup

Potential entrepreneurs are often spooked by the large quantities of cash needed for specialist services to get their startup off the ground. A number of effective free-to-use shortcuts can help you drastically reduce those startup costs. Here we look at six and examine how they can help your startup.

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It's not too late: discover how attention to just a few details can help you end the year on a business high

Imagine if you could close the business year on a high with maximum energy and enough momentum to carry you into the next. Attention to just a few details – from focussing on closing the smaller deals to unofficial 360-degree reviews –can help you. Find out where you should concentrate your energy so you can achieve your own goals and a year-end high.

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Trade license vs. freelancer permit - which should you go for?

Do you want to start up your own business?  You do though need an appropriate license, and for that you’ve two options. You can go for a trade license if you want to start up a company, or a freelancer permit if you just want to work as a sole practitioner. We’ll look at five specific areas to help you decide which option is better for you.

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Looking to work part-time in the UAE? Here’s everything you need to know

Starting a business requires capital. And, unless you’ve got oodles of cash lying around, you’re going to need access to money which will support you through those first tough months until you start turning a profit. For many entrepreneurs, one straightforward option here is to ‘moonlight’ on the side of your main job until you have enough savings to take the leap.

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The price is right - is your startup on the money when it comes to cost structure?

Pricing is everything for startups. Nowhere is the issue of pricing more important than the UAE, home of some of the most exciting and highest-stake new ventures on the planet. Startups in the country secured USD 400m in investments in 2017, cementing its position as the leader in the region for investment in new enterprises, according to the first MENA Annual Venture Report.

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Setting up a company branch office in the UAE – the how, the why and the what

There are many good reasons to think about establishing a company branch office in the UAE – from favourable tax treatment to gaining a foot in the door of a new market. In this article we look at the different types of branch office you can set up in the Emirates, and exactly what each is permitted to do.

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Making it as a woman entrepreneur – does gender play a role when running a business in the UAE?

Many believe incorrectly that starting a company as a female in Dubai is particularly difficult, that you will be at a disadvantage. In fact, quite the opposite is true. A quick scan of the Forbes 50 Most Promising UAE Startups reveals women leading some of the most prominent new businesses in the region. So let’s look at some facts, at the rise of the female entrepreneur in the UAE, and then examine the key steps you can take to get your UAE startup off the ground.

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Look the other way: Is ignoring the competition really the key to success?

To ignore or not to ignore. If that’s the question, what is the answer?

Let’s look at both sides of the argument and understand where the entrepreneur should stand on what is both an important but often divisive issue. Is there a middle path through all this, and if so what does it look like in practical terms?

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When is setting up a UAE mainland company the best option?

Have you considered UAE mainland company setup? It’s true that for foreign entrepreneurs setting up in the UAE, it is usually the country’s free zones that catch the eye. However, free zones are not the only option.  If you wish to trade directly with the UAE marketplace or take on government contracts, then setting up a mainland company could make more business sense. In this article we look at exactly when setting up a UAE mainland company is the best option, and the advantages of doing so.

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Business setup in a Dubai free zone

If you’ve spent any time at all researching how to get your business set up in Dubai, you’ll be familiar with the city’s many free zones. Understandably, they tend to catch the eye of foreign entrepreneurs looking to set up here. Why? Well a host of benefits and if you are tempted to take the plunge and launch your own company in the UAE, here is everything you need to know to get your business set up in a Dubai free zone.

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Five ways women entrepreneurs have an advantage over their male counterparts

According to the 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report, companies led by women entrepreneurs recorded 13% higher revenues than those led by men. But what’s behind all this? Are there truly entrepreneurial traits unique to women that lend themselves time and again to overall better business performance? While perhaps not so easy to quantify, we can definitely identify and focus on some key areas where women entrepreneurs indeed have the edge.

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