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We all love hearing about the latest and greatest this wonderful city has to offer...which is why we have created Mums@Work Top Picks. From fantastic training courses, to camps for the kids or help in the home to the best weekend activities - we have it covered (and there's exclusive discounts too) Enjoy!

Sick of being prescribed unnecessary medication in the UAE?

Mums@Work partnered with Health at Hand to talk to a group of ladies, mums and non-mums alike, about how we currently access healthcare. Sounds a bit dry and miss-able? Not at all, unsurprisingly we all have our strong opinions when to comes to choosing a doctor, when to go to a doctor and how to tell if a doctor is good or not. The fact is, healthcare is a very personal and therefore emotive topic,...

  Posted: 24th Sep 2018

Feed your kids passion with the best sports academies from ESM

Now we are back to school, we've had many questions asking about sports groups or academies for kids in Dubai to join so we went on the hunt to find the answer. We found ESM who is the UAE’s leading sports services provider for youth, delivering coaching to over 10,000 children a week across 200+ facilities. ESM manages first-class award-winning sports academies with a proven track...

  Posted: 19th Sep 2018

Peace of mind with Health at Hand

Going back to work can be as intimidating as the day you decided to become a mum and take a break from your career. On one hand you can’t wait to start working again. On the other, the thought of leaving your children with the new nanny or nursery or school is daunting.

For every working mum, the fact you are no longer spending every waking minute with your children can make your...

  Posted: 9th Sep 2018

Unique learning approach by Mindchamps Nursery

Mums@Work were intrigued by the unique learning approach created by Mindchamps Nursery and were keen to find out why  it’s important and what a little Champs journey looks like.

"Our Champs are passionate about learning because they experience it naturally through curiosity and freedom of expression. By teaching them the joy of discovery in an enjoyable environment, our...

  Posted: 29th Aug 2018

Mindchamps | Discover the MindChampion in You

Ladies, are you looking for a new innovative and exceptionally unique nursery for your little ones? We had the pleasure of catching up with Susan Roberts, Nursery Manager at MindChamps Nursery, opening September 4th.  Susan lets us know what makes this nursery special and stand out from all the others - mums prepare yourselves for the nursery of the future!  

MindChamps has a...

  Posted: 6th Aug 2018

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