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We all love hearing about the latest and greatest this wonderful city has to offer...which is why we have created Mums@Work Top Picks. From fantastic training courses, to camps for the kids or help in the home to the best weekend activities - we have it covered (and there's exclusive discounts too) Enjoy!

Nanny Vs Nursery

Mother’s in the UAE have a challenging dilemma when deciding which option to use for their children’s care– Nanny or Nursery. At Aga Khan Early Learning Centre (AKELC) they feel that children greatly benefit from a Nursery school experience for a variety of reasons. We catch up with Kelli Allen, Head of Nursery and Pre School at AKELC who gives us some questions we should ask if you...

  Posted: 16th May 2019

Relax with our pick of Eid and Summer escapes

With Eid fast approaching and more than half of UAE residents travelling away, why not join in the fun and book a little trip for you and your family?! From staycations and pool days in the UAE to places a little further afield (or even a helicopter ride) take a look at our 7 top picks below. 

1) Pool and beach access for only 99 AED per day at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Hilton Dubai...

  Posted: 16th May 2019

5 powerful lessons from CEO Mum

If you want good advice, ask your mum. If you want specific tactics for managing numerous aspects of professional and family life while attempting to have some semblance of social life and maintaining your mental well-being, ask a mum who also happens to be a CEO.

These women are true bosses in every sense of the word and have so many amazing insights to offer based...

  Posted: 14th May 2019

What baby bottle tooth decay means for your family

Did you know that every baby / toddler is at risk of tooth decay?  So, we asked Drs Nicolas & Asp to share some advice and tips on good feeding habits and oral care to help prevent decay in baby teeth?  

What is it? Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, also known as Early Childhood Caries, very simply means tooth decay in babies and toddlers...

  Posted: 7th May 2019

Infertility issues: The highs and lows of IVF

Hope. Loneliness. Frustration. Stress. Inadequacy. For any woman dealing with infertility and going through IVF, riding the physical and emotional can be overwhelming.

Since 1978 and the advent of in vitro fertilisation (IVF), more than eight million babies have been born as a result of this and other advanced fertility treatments. Global statistics estimate that more than...

  Posted: 24th Apr 2019

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