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We all love hearing about the latest and greatest this wonderful city has to offer...which is why we have created Mums@Work Top Picks. From fantastic training courses, to camps for the kids or help in the home to the best weekend activities - we have it covered (and there's exclusive discounts too) Enjoy!

woman came to the doctor with husband

7 Tips for Improving Your Reproductive Health

Modern life is hectic, with people leading busy lives, and often our reproductive health suffers without us being aware of this.  Here are some tips to be aware of when considering reproductive health.

1. Eat foods that are rich in anti-oxidants Foods rich in antioxidants can help to improve fertility and reproductive health.  There are several types of anti-oxidants: grapes,...

  Posted: 17th Feb 2019

mummy doing yoga

Tips for Post Pregnancy Yoga

Motherhood — such a powerful and overwhelmingly special experience. You’re probably totally exhausted and recovering from the marathon of labour, not to mention waking every two hours with a hungry newborn.

My personal three favourite tips to new mums are: Sleep when the baby sleeps’ ‘Ban visitors for the first couple of days’ Fill the freezer with homemade...

  Posted: 17th Feb 2019

morning fitness women workout

Easing into a Fitness Routine after Birth

Staying fit and healthy has become an essential part to a woman’s life, now that ‘strong beats skinny,’ women have become far more image conscious to the fact that fitness and strength training can not only shape their body, empower their mindset but also enable them to live life longer and more healthier lives. Because of this, exercising during pregnancy is becoming more of...

  Posted: 13th Feb 2019

mummy and daughter

How to manage the budget when you have kids

Having a baby is probably one of the most exciting milestones in anyone’s life, but without planning and managing the budget on a regular basis, you could end up with an undesired money challenge.

NerdWallet, a US-based financial comparison site, estimated that the cost of raising one child up to 18 years would be around AED 954,850 for food, housing, clothing, transportation,...

  Posted: 3rd Feb 2019


Make 2019 all about you and your emotional wellbeing

Life in a bustling metropolis such as Dubai offers plentiful opportunities to meet new people, explore different cultures and enjoy new experiences yet, for many people, living and working in a big city can also be incredibly isolating - and surprisingly lonely.

As communities have expanded from the small, neighbourhood model into geographical areas that span greater distances, traditional...

  Posted: 3rd Feb 2019

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