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We all love hearing about the latest and greatest this wonderful city has to offer...which is why we have created Mums@Work Top Picks. From fantastic training courses, to camps for the kids or help in the home to the best weekend activities - we have it covered (and there's exclusive discounts too) Enjoy!

Should I give my baby a pacifier?

When becoming a parent, there are plenty of new dilemmas that can really seem impossible to solve. Baby pacifiers or dummies are definitely on this list! Some people swear by them, whereas others argue they are detrimental to health. If everyone has an opinion – which one is right?

The best step is to get the right information and make your own mind up. Everyone’s situation...

  Posted: 4th Apr 2019

Welcoming baby: planning for birth and beyond

Whether you’re a first-time mum or adding to a growing family, giving birth is a big deal. We asked Ana Piera, a Dubai based childbirth, hypnobirthing, doula and breastfeeding counsellor, and our resident midwife Anoesjka Myburg, for their expert tips on how to plan for this life-changing experience.

Women have been doing it for 1,000s of years but that doesn’t make giving birth...

  Posted: 28th Mar 2019

What you need to know about Veneers?

If you want a gleaming smile without lots of fuss or expense, then veneers could be the cosmetic dentistry solution you are looking for. Thanks to Hollywood and the celebrity world, veneers are increasingly popular in the US, Europe and the rest of the world too!

- What is a veneer?
A veneer is a thin piece of porcelain or ‘composite’ that sits over the front...

  Posted: 27th Mar 2019

Stay Skin Safe this Summer

In the U.A.E. we are exposed to UV rays from the sun all year round, however, in the summer months, they tend to be even more harmful. UVA and UVB rays are known to cause sunburns, rashes & allergies, accelerate skin ageing and in some cases even lead to cataract and skin cancer. However, if you are able to keep a careful watch on your lifestyle during the summer, it can literally be a breeze for...

  Posted: 26th Mar 2019

Invest in braces for a priceless smile

All of us would like a perfect smile and, thanks to modern dentistry, a well-shaped and straight set of teeth has never been more accessible. Whether young or old, if you suffer from uneven teeth, a crowded mouth, or a misaligned bite – it is very likely that braces can help restore your confidence for good.

Finding out more If you have regular appointments with your general dentist,...

  Posted: 24th Mar 2019

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