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We all love hearing about the latest and greatest this wonderful city has to offer...which is why we have created Mums@Work Top Picks. From fantastic training courses, to camps for the kids or help in the home to the best weekend activities - we have it covered (and there's exclusive discounts too) Enjoy!

Top tips for juggling family and work without losing yourself

There’s not a lot of downtime in the life of a busy mum. Whether you’re juggling the responsibility of a newborn or growing young family with the demands of running a home, or you’re a working mother with workplace and family commitments, it can be a challenge to manage your time – and maintain your sanity!

With a young family of her own, Sally Osman, General Manager,...

  Posted: 25th Feb 2019

5 ½ ways intermittent fasting is so cool

So you've tried all the fad diets and still struggle to keep off the kilos? We'd heard about intermittent fasting so met up with the brains behind Circuit  Factory and Food Box, Phillip Parkinson,to hear more about it.. 

I’ve been in fitness for 10 years. I’ve been there, seen it, done it, designed and bought the t-shirt, earned my stripes...

  Posted: 19th Feb 2019

mummy and daughter

How can we differentiate between punishing and disciplining our children?

Are you applying your power as a parent and trying to control your children, or are you helping them learn how to control their own behaviour? We met up with Irini Girgis, the founder of Kids Summit and a child behavioral and parenting coach.

“If you don’t stop screaming, you will not go to your friend’s birthday on the weekend!”


  Posted: 18th Feb 2019

kid eating fruit

Tips to Not Fall Sick

I’m staying home from school today. I’d rather be in bed pretending that I have a pain that’s pounding in my head.

I’ll say I have a stomach ache. I’ll claim I’ve got the flu. I’ll shiver like I’m cold and hold my breath until I’m blue.

I’ll fake a cough. I’ll fake a sneeze. I’ll say my throat is sore. If...

  Posted: 18th Feb 2019

woman eating healthy food

Dental Wellness Checklist

It’s outdoor time in Dubai, that means cooling treats, fun holidays and days in the sun. During this time it’s surprisingly easy to pick up bad habits, and to let the good habits slip. Before you know it, dental problems like decay and gum disease can set in, and you need the help of your dentist to fix them. To avoid this fate, here’s a few simple ways to keep your teeth and gums...

  Posted: 17th Feb 2019

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