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Mums@Work is the first initiative of its kind in the region focused on helping mothers back into the work place after taking a career break. We are not only here to connect candidates and clients - we are here to guide, mentor and ensure that our mums have the skills and confidence to get the job that is right for them. For our clients, we are a route to a mass of super talented women who bring with them not only a wealth of experience, but also diversity and a strong work ethic to your team. 

Meet the team

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I have been in the Middle East for over 10 years and suspect I will be here for a lot longer. My career has been with three companies, all within the world of recruitment. I became a Dot comer at the age of 30 where I headed up Monster.co.uk and learnt that you don’t have to follow the norm ( I also learnt to skateboard in the office!)

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Managing Director

I move at 100 miles an hour, be it work, family or hobbies, I actually make my husband dizzy! Always keen to take on a new challenge and believe there is no such word as can’t. After 14 years in local and international communication roles and two children later I took the leap to build the first consultancy in the region empowering mums to step back into the workplace with flexible working...

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Recruitment Manager

With over 20 years’ experience working for some of the world’s largest staffing organisations across a variety of industry sectors, I am now in my third year living and working in Dubai. Having been through relocating from the UK to the UAE, and being a mother to three children all in school...

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After building my career for 8 years in Ireland, I needed a change. Like a lot of people, I never planned on staying in Dubai for longer than a year but I am now in my third year and I have absolutely no plans to leave. Being a new mum of a baby girl, I can totally understand...

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Marketing Manager

I moved to Dubai to for a change of lifestyle and continue my career in marketing in the sunshine. Having worked for a PR agency in Dubai, I made the leap back to client side. I have since opted for a more flexible working lifestyle by going freelance and happy to say Mums@Work ... 

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Corporate Services Manager

My talent 'behind the scene' goes all the way from events, travel, IT, accounts, payroll, human resource, executive assistance and general office management (the list goes on and on…) ensuring business runs like clockwork. I am passionate in managing our back office with care and precision and I love ...

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Business Development Manager

Enthusiasm, passion and the desire to make things happen – pretty much sums up why I was so attracted to Mums@Work. Having worked within human capital for the last 8 years, I quickly came to realise the most important asset of any organisation is its people. I love that my daily role involves changing ...

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Marketing Support

I have been in Dubai for 9 years and I put my career on hold to raise 3 beautiful children, who gladly and a little sadly, don't need their mummy as much as they used to. So, now the children are growing up, I want to kick start my career and regain my confidence as I step back into the workplace... 

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