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Mums@Work is the first initiative of its kind in the region focused on helping mothers back into the work place after taking a career break. We are not only here to connect candidates and clients - we are here to guide, mentor and ensure that our mums have the skills and confidence to get the job that is right for them. For our clients, we are a route to a mass of super talented women who bring with them not only a wealth of experience, but also diversity and a strong work ethic to your team. 

Meet the team

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I have been in the Middle East for over 10 years and suspect I will be here for a lot longer. My career has been with three companies, all within the world of recruitment. I became a Dot comer at the age of 30 where I headed up Monster.co.uk and learnt that you don’t have to follow the norm ( I also learnt to skateboard in the office!)

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Managing Director

I move at 100 miles an hour, be it work, family or hobbies, I actually make my husband dizzy! Always keen to take on a new challenge and believe there is no such word as can’t. After 14 years in local and international communication roles and two children later I took the leap to build the first consultancy in the region empowering mums to step back into the workplace with flexible working...

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I have recently returned to the workplace after a pretty long maternity break...and am absolutely loving it! Being back at work has been incredibly empowering for me, and doing it part-time allows me to keep a healthy work/family balance. I am now dedicated to assisting other professional women in a similar situation to do the same! I believe that...

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I like to be active, whether that involves running around after my two young boys or a grueling workout before the nursery run. I'm a strong believer in positive thinking and like to set myself daily goals to get things done! Having spent the last 3 years in play centres and attending coffee mornings I was more than ready to transition back to the professional world...

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Junior Consultant

Passion is what sums me up! I like to be in the game and believe in moving consistently; no matter how little may be the distance covered it certainly takes you somewhere worthwhile. At home it’s all about my adorable little pumpkin-cess and ever persistent husband, who needs to cope up with...

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Group HR Manager

Juggling is the word I would say summarises my life! As an HR professional who consistently strives to enhance my skills but with a toddler and baby at home and throwing into the mix a husband who works abroad most of the week, I spend my time balancing work and personal life.  It is crazy ... 

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Group Marketing Manager

I moved to Dubai to for a change of lifestyle and continue my career in marketing in the sunshine, a choice I do not regret. Having worked for a PR agency in Dubai, I made the leap back to client side to allow me to develop an integrated approach to the business ... 

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Lenia Bush Business Development Mums at work


Business Development

Having been in the Finance industry for the best part of 20 years and a mother of 3 year old twins (and a psycho cat) – efficiency has to run through my blood or else the little people take over! With only a short break of a few months out of work I am fortunate enough to be part of ... 

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